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Live from Summit 2012: Looking to the Future

Today’s final session drew our Summit to a close with a discussion on the prospects for change that will benefit the education of America’s 15 million low-income children. Ted Mitchell, New Schools Venture Fund CEO, began by encouraging everyone to consider the ideas shared in the discussions throughout the day. Laurene Powell Jobs, Emerson Collective and NewSchools Venture Fund Board Member, interviewed the City of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.Mayor Emanuel told the […] Read more

Live from Summit 2012: The View from the Other Side – Entrepreneurs Running Systems

Numerous leaders with backgrounds in entrepreneurial organizations have gone on to lead large traditional school systems. This afternoon’s panel asked current superintendents how their previous experience has informed their views as public school district leaders? Jim Blew, of the Walton Family Foundation, moderated a panel with leaders from three public school systems. Cami Anderson, of Newark Public Schools, was involved in the Teach for America (TFA) program early in her career. Now that […] Read more

Live From Summit 2012: Race to the Top – Are We Closer to the Finish Line?

It has been two years since Race to the Top launched, and this afternoon’s lunch panel, hosted by NBC News’s Rehema Ellis, discussed how far we have come, and what obstacles remain.Ellis started off by asking Joanne Weiss, of the U.S. Department of Education, if she felt Race to the Top is the defining program that’s going to make a difference to the 15 million children living in poverty.Weiss stressed that “There […] Read more

Live From Summit 2012: Building Better New Teachers

What does excellent teacher training look like?More and more, charter organizations and districts are training their own teachers. Pioneers in the field joined a panel to provide insight on creating and running teacher preparation programs.One major topic was “What does success look like?” Michael Goldstein of Boston’s MATCH Education responded that MATCH starts by asking the question “Will people want to hire your graduate?” This market demand type information can help inform […] Read more

Live From Summit 2012: Kicking Off the Day!

This morning’s opening session kicked off the second day of the NewSchools-Aspen Institute Venture Fund Summit 2012. Today there will be numerous conference sessions with thought-provoking speakers on tap. From our opening session to our closing plenary, we will update you on what’s going on and who said what, so stay tuned!This morning started with Laysha Ward, of presenting sponsor Target, greeting the enthusiastic morning crowd. “It’s a privilege to join this […] Read more