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Mark Zuckerberg, John Doerr, Joel Klein, Sal Khan, Kaya Henderson, Reed Hastings to headline Summit 2011

Get excited.Today, we are rolling out the final agenda and speaker list for Summit 2011. May 18 is going to be a great day. (And do click on the links… they’ll take you to our new website!)Since 1999, NewSchools has been holding the Summit as a way to gather and grow a movement of passionate entrepreneurs dedicated to improving public education for low-income children. This year, we are holding it for the […] Read more

Reimagining education

How would your students reimagine education? Calling all public school students/recent graduates: how would you “re-imagine education”? Education leaders and the press have a lot to say on what needs to be “fixed” about public schools—paying teachers based on how their students perform, better use of technology, smaller classes, more money—but what do students think? On May 18th, NewSchools Summit will bring together leaders in the education, business, policy and nonprofit fields […] Read more

Ted Talks at Google

Despite all of the attention being paid to innovation in public education today, educational entrepreneurs still face many obstacles to reaching children through their ideas. Unlike in fields like technology and medicine, where capital markets help entrepreneurs build transformative ideas, education entrepreneurs motivated to improve educational outcomes for students often find little support and even less access to funding. Our own Ted Mitchell joined Geoffrey Canada (President and Chief Executive Officer of […] Read more