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The School Organizations in Our Portfolio are Growing!

NewSchools is celebrating the opening of new charter school campuses in Washington, DC, Newark, NJ and Boston, MA. We support the growth of entrepreneur led education organizations in each of these cities through our City Funds.Boston Fund: Four New CampusesKIPP MA | KIPP Academy Boston Elementary | K-41 New Campus | Total Campuses: 5Match Education | Match Next Middle School | 5-81 New Campus | Total Campuses: 3UP Education Network | UP Academy Holland | K-81 New Campus | Total Campuses: […] Read more

Summit 2014: Keep the Conversation Going

“Mr. Say ain’t nothin’. Mr. Do is the man.”— Junebug Jabbo JonesThis year at Summit, 205 organizations who care deeply about education have committed to diversifying their leadership. To push forward with this important work we’ve created a forum for those of you who have made this commitment as well as for those of you who might be compelled to take this work on. We’d love to hear about what you’re doing to make these changes, challenges you […] Read more

Charter Board Partners is Building Awareness that Diverse Charter Boards are Better Boards

Raël N. James, CBP’s recruiting director is leading a national awareness effort on board diversity based on our belief that diverse boards are better boards. Board member Michael Pickrum is helping us identify & connect with high profile people of color to encourage them to join boards & support charters. In the past year, our DC board candidate network increased from 26% to 36% people of color, & 54% that we matched to boards were people of color. Read more

Axis Talent Partners Pledge to Diversity

As education practitioners, our team has long been fueled by a deep commitment to diversity & equity, something we had yet to articulate publicly. Inspired by the conversation at Summit 2014, we’ve reflected this in our values statement (link). We’re proud to work with smaller districts & independent charter schools throughout the country identifying and hiring talented leaders of color. We’ll continue introducing our clients to candidates who represent diversity on multiple levels. Read more

Alive in the Swamp

Sir Michael Barber, Michael Fullan and Katelyn Donnelly discus education reform and the impact of learning technologies. They also discuss “Alive in the Swamp: assessing digital innovations in education”, which offers practical advice on how to navigate through digital innovations in education, and suggests where more innovation effort is needed. Read more

Innovators in Education

After 15 years of working to improve education by supporting and enabling the ideas and efforts of passionate innovators, instead of looking back, NewSchools Venture Fund is looking 15 years further down the road. We believe that looking toward the future is key to preparing for it. We also believe that the best way to understand the future is to listen to those creating it. Hear from NewSchools entrepreneurs about the challenges facing education, the solutions they are creating and the visions of the future informing and driving their work forward. Read more

NewSchools Changes the Room at Summit 2014

We enlisted partner organizations to help identify more black and Latino participants and speakers at Summit. 26% of Summit attendees were people of color–up from 14% in 2013. These new voices changed the conversation in sessions and in the hallways resulting in more courageous conversations about race and class, more action diversifying leadership in ed reform and more efforts across many organizations to strengthen ties with the communities our work touches. Read more

Camelback Ventures Commits to Education Entrepreneurs of Color

NewSchools is supporting Camelback Ventures to help reduce the opportunity gap for education entrepreneurs from underserved communities. Aaron Walker started the Camelback Fellows Program to provide early-stage coaching, connections and capital to social entrepreneurs of color. Camelback’s goal is to provide $2 million in funding to 100 entrepreneurs with 80% sustaining leadership roles over the next five years. Read more

TFA Adjusts Recruiting Policies to Encourage Inclusion

Teach for America made a deliberate effort to improve both the racial and the socioeconomic diversity of their teaching corps and it shows! This years’ TFA recruits are the most diverse ever with half of the 2014-2015 cohort identifying as people of color and 47% coming from low-income backgrounds. Expanding diversity has built a corps better able to connect with the challenges and experiences of the students they serve. Read more

UP Academy Holland Staff Represents the Students They Serve

At UP Academy Holland in Dorchester, MA, 46% of staff, including the founding principal and director of operations, identify as people of color. Having a staff with such diverse backgrounds and experiences adds tremendous value to their work with students, 83% of whom identify as African American or Latino. With the launch of Holland this fall, UP Education Network now serves more than 2,500 students. Read more