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Accelerating Innovation through Communities of Practice: Our First Catapult Cohort

Entrepreneurs innovate more quickly and effectively when they can learn from others grappling with challenges similar to the ones they are facing.  Leaders who are opening innovative new schools can go farther and faster working together than they can in isolation. This can be challenging when the day-to-day demands of running a school or school organization do not allow much time to step aside and learn from others.   An essential part of the success […] Read more

Relay GSE Increases Staff Diversity Over Three Years

Relay is deeply committed to creating a diverse institution that respects difference and is inclusive of its communities. Using the From Intention to Action Report, Relay took concrete steps to increase staff diversity, with a strong focus on senior leadership. Through a three-year strategic plan, ongoing all-staff trainings, senior leadership involvement, and expanded recruitment efforts, staff diversity increased from 20% in 2012 to 35% now. Read more

Exciting New Evidence about the Promise of Personalized Learning

The number of schools designed for personalized learning is growing rapidly. At NewSchools, we’re helping teams of educators launch many such schools through our Catapult program.Why did we decide to focus here? One reason is early evidence of the positive effects personalized learning has on students. What do we know so far? The RAND Corporation recently released the findings of the third year of a study of schools implementing personalized learning.[1] The […] Read more

Launching NewSchools Catapult: Invent 2016!

In July 2015 we launched NewSchools Catapult, a program to invest in and support education entrepreneurs launching new schools with innovative instructional models. We recently announced NewSchools Catapult 2015, a cohort of 14 trailblazing district and charter schools that are reimagining PREK-12 education by personalizing learning and giving students greater agency over their experience.Innovation takes many forms. Our cohort includes schools implementing instructional designs like co-teaching, dynamic grouping, blended learning, high-dosage tutoring and competency-based […] Read more

Forward Movement, but Miles to Go

Only 20% of US nonprofit board members are people of color.  50% of the candidates Charter Board Partners matched to charter school boards in Washington, DC in the past year are people of color. These new board members not only bring important expertise, but also the needed perspectives of their communities. We still have a long way to go to equity since 95% of DC charter school students are students of color. Read more

What NewSchools Will Do to Diversify Education Leadership

In a blog post earlier this week, we shared why closing the racial / ethnic demographic gap between the leadership of education organizations and the students they serve is essential for innovation. At NewSchools we are committed to helping close this gap. Today we are sharing our goals and how we plan to achieve them.What is our aspiration?We aspire to increase the number of Black and Latino founders and CEOs, senior leadership team […] Read more

Education Organizations Need to Diversify Leadership

Teams of educators are stepping up to create innovative schools that can prepare and inspire young people to achieve their most ambitious dreams and plans. These teams will be more successful if they understand the perspectives and needs of students and have the insight required to develop creative solutions. This means we must broaden the group of people who are generating ideas to create the innovations we need. In particular, the field […] Read more

Behind the Scenes of NewSchools Ignite: Science Learning Challenge

We were overwhelmed by the response we received in late July when we launched NewSchools Ignite and its first market gap focus, the Science Learning Challenge.  We had hundreds of media groups publish our press release and write articles about our new strategy, including TechCrunch, Fast Company, the Wall Street Journal, and an op-ed we published in Forbes.  By the time our application closed at the end of the summer, 119 companies […] Read more

Announcing the Catapult 2015 Cohort

Earlier this summer, we launched NewSchools Catapult, the first endeavor of our new Innovative Schools strategy.  Its purpose is simple, yet bold: to create a bellwether for innovation in PreK-12 education by supporting the most promising school teams from around the country in creating the kinds of incredible, life-altering schools that our students deserve.This was a highly competitive selection process; we received over 80 applications for our two programs, Catapult Invent and Catapult […] Read more

Impact of “From Intentions to Actions” Report

Reaction to From Intention to Action, a survey and report developed by Koya Leadership Partners and Education Pioneers, shows that the work of building a social and business case for diverse teams in education is behind us. What’s next is implementing clearly articulated, measurable strategies for increasing diversity. Our report offers highly actionable steps any organization can take. We look forward to continuing to identify and share best practices for moving from […] Read more