DC Schools Fund

Our nation’s capital has one of the largest achievement gap in the United States. We believe innovative entrepreneurs can dramatically improve the quality of DC’s public education system, especially for historically underserved students.

The DC Schools Fund is designed to accelerate the pace of reform in Washington, DC by supporting a substantial increase in the quality of Washington DC’s charter sector. Through this work, we aim to:

  • Double the number of top-performing charter schools that serve high-need students and communities
  • Support the closure of low-performing schools and facilitate their replacement with high-quality schools
  • Invest strategically in human capital and advocacy work to facilitate the growth of high-performing schools

Together, these developments will lead to the emergence of a stronger public school system in DC, made up of high-quality schools and diverse educational options for all children.

Meet the venture team

Sarah Barrett
Sujata Bhat
Kyani Dennis
Vanessa Gonzalez
Maura Marino
Jay Martinez
Shalini Shybut

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